Visitors at Sradhavan Eco-Yoga Ashram

“Loving Service through Yoga and the Vedic Therapies.”


Visit our Ecological Ashram

Located at the shores of the Vilcanota River, surrounded by the amazing Andean Mountains in the Valley of Cusco, one hour from the center of Cusco.

The Eco Yoga Ashram is a place for being with yourself and with others, living with nature, practicing yoga, meditation and mantras (meditation with traditional indian instruments and chanting).


Our “Eco Yoga Retreat ” is strategically located in the Sacred Valley of Cusco on the shores of the Vilcanota River, one hour south of Cusco by Bus (just passed the village of Vicho)

If you are in Cusco, take a taxi to the bus station in Wuayna Capac street, the buses that goes to San Salvador. Get off the bus 3 min. after passing the village of Vicho and 10 minutes before San Salvador (around 45 min. from cusco). Ask to get off at the”Eco Yoga” stop. The bus costs 3 soles

Yoga Practice

Hatha Vinyasa Flow with Alinements;  Taught with love, this effective practice of essential body postures, breathing exercises and meditation techniques designed to enhance overall health and cultivate spiritual awareness. 

We will share the experience of exploring the expansiveness of our mind, breath and bodies, bringing consciousness into all aspects of our life.


The Center

We have a nice adobe houses with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and river and a octagonal meditation center.

Our goal

Is to have an Eco Yoga Center where people can encounter a spiritual environment, and where the principles of a yogic lifestyle can be practiced in harmony with others and the mother earth.

Daily cost:


25 dollars per day Costs cover yoga classes, vegetarian meals, beautiful and peaceful housing and morning meditation.


13 dollars per day. Costs cover yoga classes, vegetarian meals, housing and morning meditations and 4 hours of volunteer service per day. Payment is due the first day of arriving to the land.


Our ecological center is built with natural adobe houses. Students stay in comfortable shared rooms and bathrooms with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.
We also have a beautiful octagonal meditation center and Yoga Shala on the banks of the Vilcanota River. We have conserved the ecology of the land as all the rooms and social areas have solar energy.

The cell phone reception that is available in the area is with a “Bitel” sim card and we provide two hours of internet daily.
Items to bring: Yoga mat, flashlight, towel, watch (not from cell), personal toiletries, snacks, sunscreen, games to share during free time and a good jacket for the night.

cuscovolunteerTo arrive from Cusco; take the bus to San Salvador in Wuayna Capac street and ask the driver to drop you in the stop “Eco Yoga” (5 min. before San Salvador) or just after the town of Vicho.

While stay in the Eco-Farm we ask youto refrain from smoking, alcohol and practice vegetarianism.

While staying at the Eco-Ashram we ask that you follow these simple guidelines to maintain harmony and promote growth and transformation:

Respect the peaceful atmosphere of the Center by choosing positive actions, words, and attitudes.

This is a lacto-vegetarian kitchen and home. We ask that you consume No animal products (besides dairy), while on the premises. No meat or eggs on the property.

This is a 100% alcohol, cigarette, and drug free space. We encourage and invite you to not drink, smoke, drink coffee or take drugs during your stay so you can get the most out of your time here.

We ask that you take responsibility to treat this space as a temple by maintaining the cleanliness of your room and public spaces. This includes the choice and volume of your music and keeping your personal items out of public spaces.

All ashram participants agree to contributing at least 5 hours of daily of SEVA or service.

Observe noble silence from 9:00 pm until 7:00 am.

When you're participating in a program at the ashram you may decide leave the ashram in the afternoons or evenings. We recommend focusing on your yoga retreat and holding to a vegetarian, caffeine free and drug free lifestyle even outside of the area.

Many of the visitors to the Eco Yoga asrama are seeking spiritual retreat, please respect the individual process by avoiding seeking new romantic relationships during your stay at the ashram.

If you have any personal problem, difficulty, or issue with anybody at the Center (volunteer, teacher or student) please talk to a staff member as soon as a problem arises. Most instances of difficulties between individuals in a group are generally a case of misunderstanding or miscommunication and can be easily dealt with.

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