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A piece on India in the Sacred Valley of Cusco

Welcome to Bhakti Yoga School, our sacred space in the heart of the Sacred Valley. If you are looking for the perfect place to learn about real spiritualism, yoga, and the ancient teachings of India, you have been guided to the right place. Our experienced international teachers, with more than 25 years of practice in Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, and Yoga Therapy, have brought the essence of India to the Sacred Valley of Peru with love. Join us for a transformational journey - you don't have to fly far to find true teachings, love, and devotion.

The word "Bhakti" means devotion, divine love.

What is an Ashram?

An Ashram is a Spiritual Sanctuary, a place where people share together and are dedicated to different spiritual practices such as Meditation, Yoga, Vedic Studies, etc. The Ashram symbolizes the opportunity to disconnect ourselves from the noisy and turbulent mundane life and to connect with the real purpose of the Soul.

It is a place of spiritual nourishment, peace and Love.

Why have an ashram experience?

There are many reasons to motivate yourself to an ashram experience. At Bhakti Yoga School we have Ashrams (spiritual centers) where you will have the opportunity to give and contribute from the heart within a yogic context from the temples of Indian mysticism.

Within Yoga it is said that serving others is one of the highest actions that a Soul can perform and that it can also benefit you in many other ways:
You will create ties with a community that is conscious and dedicated to serving others.
You will put your abilities and creativity to the test, you will always find new ways to serve.
You will learn new skills that will be useful when you return home or continue your journey.
You will have the opportunity to share your knowledge with other people and help them in their own way.
You will interact with people from other parts of the world, learning about other customs and life experiences.
You will be an agent of change. A great mountain is made of small grains of sand, your contribution is very valuable!
Your best values and qualities will come out, making you feel connected with yourself and with the people around you.
It is a place of spiritual nourishment, peace and Love.

Our Ashram

In the Bhakti Yoga School we focus on manifesting the loving attributes of Bhakti Yoga, the Devotional Path. We are compromised to our own spiritual practices so we can share them in the most pure and loving way. Manifesting that ideal not only through the people who live and keep the Ashrams alive, but also in the infrastructure designed to help you immerse in the experience. Our daily practices include Kirtan (devotional music and spiritual Mantra chantings), reading and study of the Vedic Philosophy books, physical Yoga practices, Meditation and Pranayama (breathing techniques) and conscious vegetarian cooking.

Our Services

With ancient knowledge from India, we offer Yoga Teacher Trainings, Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda, Pancha Karma, Human Design and Yoga Therapy Services.

Join us for a transformational journey from the Self, through the Self, to the Self.

Vedic Astrology


Human Design

Yoga Therapy

RYT Courses

Gift yourself a transformative experience in India

India Tour of Yoga and Ayurveda 100hrs RYT February 10 – 24, 2025.

An unforgettable journey, building relationships and memories to inspire your yoga practice and life!

Our Teachers

Chaitanya Nitai Das

International Director and Director of the Bhakti Yoga School with principal Ashrams in Cusco and Colombia. Chaitanya has been in the field of yoga from a young age and has lived in ashrams and monasteries in Southamerica, USA and India. His first trip to India was in 2006 and he continues to bring groups of students to connect to the roots and spirituality of the yoguic path, 17 years later.

Syam Vallabhi Devi Dasi

Syam Vallabhi Devi Dasi, also known as Samantha Miller, is a dedicated Ayurveda and Yoga practitioner who embarked on her transformative journey in 2001. Her passion for the Healing arts and Yoga has led her to become a prominent figure in the field of Ayurveda and Yoga across South America.

Upcoming Courses



Choose Your Course

200HR Yoga Retreat

This experience of going inward for 21 days will lead you to a greater understanding of yourself, your talents and how to serve fully and happily in the world.

AcroYoga and Group Dynamics

The Bhakti Yoga and AcroYoga Retreat will take place in our peaceful Yoga Ashram. All participants will partake in the daily routine of the ashram, including Musical Meditation (Kirtan), Breath Exercises (Pranayama), Meditation (Dhyana), as well as the study of Yoga Philosophy and partake in Yoga Classes (Asanas).

Ayurveda, Nutrition and Yoga

Ayurveda aims for every human being to be in “Swastha”; situated in the self (Pakriti) for complete balance. You will learn to use Ayurvedic expertise to help you retain and regain this balance. Through this course your lifestyle changes and you learn to lead a life in harmony.

300HR Lunar Therapeutic YTT

If you are interested in the experience of living in a Yoga Ashram for a retreat-style Yoga Teacher Training, this is your opportunity! This 300hr TT is an intensive Yoga Course within a Yogic Lifestyle in our comfortable Eco-Ashram in the Sacred Valley of Cusco, Peru. “Simple living, higher thinking.”

Thai Yoga Massage Retreat

We invite you to stay in our Yoga Ashram during the program to receive the full experience of a Thai Yoga Massage training in the environment of an Ashram Yoga Retreat!

Certification in Yoga Therapy

This course will give you the therapeutic tools of different styles and sequences of Yoga to help you have a balance in the body, mind and spirit and live without pain.

"Do everything you have to do, but not with ego, not with lust, not with envy but with love, compassion, humility and devotion."
- Shree Krishna


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