The Bhakti Yoga School Mission & Philosophy

“Loving Service through Yoga.”

The BYS Philosophy

Our Yoga practice  is based on the idea that we are eternal spiritual souls within this physical/emotional body. The body serves as an instrument through which the eternal being can show his/her free will within this material universe. This body is considered a divine gift with which we have the opportunity to become enlightened and awaken our internal divinity, our true Self, and to serve the whole, to cooperate with universal order, to make our life and that of others more beautiful and satisfactory. This is why we do not deny nor reject this body, rather we honor it as a temple where the soul and the Supersoul reside. We learn to find a balance in our Energies, as we practice to create more internal and external harmony.

The BYS Vision

Our bhakti Yoga Philosophy teaches us that the ultimate goal of life is to develop or awaken our pure love or the true love of the soul, Divine Love.

Karma Yoga (The Path of Action)

Karma Yoga is the path of action. It is the path of disinterested service. It is the way that leads to the attainment of God through selfless work. It is the Yoga of renunciation of the fruits of actions.
Karma Yoga teaches us how to work for works sake – unattached – and how to utilize to the best advantage the greater part of our energies. – Duty for Dutys Sake – is the motto of a Karma-Yogin. Work is worship for the practitioners of Karma Yoga. Every work is turned into an offering unto the Divine. The Karma Yogin is not bound by his actions, as he offers the fruits of his actions to the the Divinity. Yogah Karmasu Kausalam – Yoga is skill in action (Bhagavad  Gita).

The same work, when done with the right mental attitude, right spirit and right will through Yoga, without attachment and expectation of fruits, without the idea of agency or doership, with a mind balanced in success and failure (Samatvam Yoga Uchyate), does not add a link to our bondage. On the contrary, it purifies our heart and helps us to attain salvation through the descent of divine light or dawn of wisdom.

Cultivation of virtues such as tolerance, adaptability, sympathy, mercy, equal vision, balance of mind, cosmic love, patience, perseverance, humility, generosity, nobility, self-restraint, control of anger, non-violence, truthfulness, moderation in eating, drinking and sleeping, simple living and higher thinking, will bring about connection an inner peace.

Bhakti Yoga (The Path of the Heart)

Bhakti is intense love and Devotion. Bhakti Yoga is the path of the offering the heart and devotion to the Supreme. – Love for Loves Sake – is the motto  of a Bhakti-Yogin.
He who loves the Divine has neither wants nor sorrows. He does not hate any being or object.He includes everyone in the warm embrace of his love.

Atma-Nivedana is total, ungrudging, absolute self-surrender to the Divine Plan. This surrender is Saranagati

Bhakti is one of the chief spiritual sciences, through Kirtan or chanting Mantras with Instruments from India, we are obsorbed in loving meditaiton. The Yogi drinks the nectar of Prema or divine love.

Raja Yoga or Asthanga Yoga (Practice for the Mind & Body)

Raja Yoga is the path that leads to union with the Supreme through self-restraint and control of mind. Raja Yoga teaches how to control the senses and the mental Vrittis or fluctuations,  and how to develop concentration and how to commune with something higher than ourselves. We combine solid Principles of Alignment, that lead to a sustainable and Injury free yoga practice, with meditation, Kirtan (musical meditation), Vedic Philosophy taught by Chaitanya Nitai Das with over 30 years experience in Temples, Vedic Study and Daily Practice.


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